Hire UAV Pro provides the best in class drone light shows, and our track record backs it up. We have safely and effectively performed drone light shows at large concerts, live events, city festivals, sporting events, and so much more. We pride ourselves on being the most safe and thorough drone light show provider, and we look forward to showing you at your next event!


Learn more about everything that goes into making the Hire UAV Pro drone show the best in class.

Our team is one of the longest-running drone light show providers in the United States, with over 100 successful performances, working with everyone from small towns and parties on up to big name brands, teams, and celebrities. We take every project seriously, and are excited to show you the Hire UAV Pro difference.

A 4th of july grand canyon drone show in Tusayan, Arizona.
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And we do mean endless! Our team of drone light show creatives are standing by to start developing your vision for a truly unique performance. We will walk you through every step of the process, from the initial sketch and vision board, to the final flight simulation and test before your drone light show takes to the skies!

We can’t wait to start working with you!


QR code drone light shows provide a unique opportunity to launch a new product or app, casting a massive beacon in the sky for people to scan with their phones. These QR code drone shows are a perfect complement to marketing campaigns at sporting events, concerts, live events, festivals, and much much more. We’ll design the QR code, test it, and deploy it at your event, or setup a marketing campaign for you to maximize the launch of your new product.


As we continue to work with the FAA and states, we are set to continue delivering drone light shows to all 50 states and Puerto Rico. We are already familiar with operating in nearly all United States with our drone piloting experience. We are ready to come to you for for either a one time show, or work with you to plan a recurring drone light show event in your state or city. Get in touch today to start planning your drone light show!


From the moment you reach out to us, we’ll begin gathering as much information as we can about your show so that we can best accommodate you and bring to life your drone light show. We are experts in piloting unmanned aircraft, with a team of FAA licensed drone operators. We’ll make sure that all legal and technical issues are addressed up front. Once the legal hurdles are behind us, we’ll begin designing your drone light show. Our design team will deliver mock-ups, 3D animations, and eventually the proof of concept for your large drone show. We will dedicate a professional team to run the show each time you plan to use it. Or, for indoor applications, we can train your team to run it, greatly reducing your costs.

We can’t wait to start working with you!

Concept Design

Our creative team will work with you on creating first a basic visual representation of your desired drone light show. We will sketch out the formation for your logo, or visual, that you want in your show and represent how they would look based on a number of drones. 

3D Visualization

You will get a 3D animation showing you what your drone light show performance will look like. At this stage, we can tweak the performance, as well as provide different views based on where spectators will view the performance, and also include in 3D models of the venue and surrounding environment.

Flight Simulation

We go through a rigorous testing process. At this stage, we will take the performance into our flight simulator and see if there are any issues related to performance aspect. You’ll have access to this step as well as we show you how we ensure the safety of our drones by maintaining good distance and airspeed so that there are no in air concerns on the day of your show.

Flight Testing

We test all of our shows at our designated testing field prior to coming to you. We will make sure that all of the batteries are functioning, all hardware is safe and secured, all software is updated, and all of the performances are meeting the criteria from the concept and design stages. This is where the excitement starts to build!

Drone Light Show

It’s time to fly! Our team will be there, working with you to have a safe environment for take-off and landing on the day of your drone light show. Our team will also be filming the performance both from ground and air, and can provide spectacular video footage of the performance for your marketing needs. If you wan work with Hireuavpro.com as a return customer, we will offer a discount on pre-designed visual elements. We hope to see you again!


We’re certain that you already have a vision for using a drone light show, however if you need a little help, take a look at some of the types of drone light shows we’ve worked on in the past. Drone light shows, with the phasing out of fireworks, are set to replace the night skies across the globe, providing entertainment at hotels, casinos, venues, sports stadiums, weddings, conferences, trade shows, commercial sets, and much more. Drone light shows are just getting going, so let us know your vision for using a drone light show!

Nearly every municipality in the country spends thousands of dollars a year on fireworks shows. Our shows can perform more advanced acrobatics, are re-usable, and are not susceptible to fire bans.

Like the 2017 Super Bowl, Hireuavpro.com shows can perform the same advanced acrobatics, create advanced logos and 3D models, and wow large audiences.

Major grand openings require a draw for a crowd. Our drone shows can be the featured attraction, telling a story, and sychronizing perfectly to voiceover, music, and even dancers.

Any event that requires bringing in a crowd of people calls for a drone show. Our shows can be run multiple times in a day, so a conference, expo, or special event or gala is the perfect setting.

Spice up your wedding day with a one-of-a-kind bit of entertainment. Drone Light Shows on your wedding day will stun your guests, and make your day that much more memorable.

Work with us on delivering consistent entertainment, whether at a hotel, casino, or other venue. Discounts available.

Rolling out a new product? Why not put it in the sky with a drone light show? There’s no better way to market a new product than with drone light show technology.

Filming a music video or commercial? We can work with you on setting up and filming a performance in a private location.


What is a drone light show?

A drone light show is a swarm of drones that fly in a formation, directed by a ground station using precise RTK measurements to keep the drones in a constant location. Drone light show swarms can be programmed to be in excess of 1,000 drones, and perform such things as dances, light effects, animations, and much more.

How big is a drone light show?

Drone light shows take up the entire sky, going up to 400 feet and spreading out hundreds of feet, depending on the number of drones. Currently, hireuavpro.com has a capability up to 500 drones.

How safe is a drone light show?

When you work with us, you get the best drone light show hardware, drones, and software, making the performance incredibly safe. Our drone light shows are also fully-insured, and FAA waivers are in place.

When you take a risk and work with a company like “The Drone Light Show Company”, a known scam website, you take a big risk. Always do your research before moving forward with booking.

How long is a drone light show?

Drone light shows can last up to 15 minutes, but can also be run multiple times in a given evening.

How long to plan a drone light show?

Planning a drone light show can take as little as 2-3 weeks to plan as long as all FAA permits and waivers are in place.

What is the cost of a drone light show?

Drone light shows start at $10,000 USD, and go up from there based on the number of drones and how complex the drone light show animation you want for the drones to perform.

Be very wary of websites like “The Drone Light Show Company” advertising very low prices. This is in an attempt to scam you out of money.



Outdoor drone light shows rely upon GPS/RTK technology to ensure our performance will stay in tight formation throughout the show. Outdoor drones are sturdy, capable of flying up to 15 minutes, and provide lights powerful enough to see from several miles away. Our outdoor drone light shows can be scaled up to as many as 1000 drones. Our design process is straightforward, fast, and collaborative, so we can ensure you’ll have ownership of your drone light show. We utilize the most trusted drone show software and drones on the market, and have arrived at that after years of research and testing.


Indoor drone light shows rely upon different technology. This technology is much newer, and since we are indoors we cannot use an RTK system for satellite connection. The process is a little bit different in development, so please allow 2-3 months. However, the good news is you will not need an FAA waiver to operate indoors. There may be other permits that are needed, however. Get in touch with us to start the process.


Our drone light shows are now available globally. Please allow 2-3 months in order to ensure our drone light shows can be delivered to your country. We use the best in drone light show software and hardware, and can get approval for drone light shows in many countries. We hope to be one of the first to perform a drone light show in your country. Get in touch today to start planning!


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