Drones in inspection, monitoring, and data collection

Drones in inspection, monitoring, and data collection

Drones are going to go everywhere. There is simply no other way to complete the range tasks with the same efficiency that a lightweight, sophisticated drone can complete either in use by an operator or autonomously on its own.

As a drone operator’s mind wanders, it is easy to overlook some of the simply ways in which drones are going to change the world (and make you some money along the way).

One way, right of the bat, is by using drones at paper mills that have been around for decades. At a typical paper mill, inspectors need to climb, and even boat around to perform their inspection. The drone would be able to slice the inspection time down to a point where it would be indispensable.

Cell tower climbers in the United States perform the most dangerous job in the world. And we are always going to need more cell phone towers, which come with them thousands upon thousands of audits. There is no human danger in putting a drone up in the air to perform an inspection, take some photos, do a RF scan, etc.


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