How to Hire a Drone Operator

How to Hire a Drone Operator

So by now you should already know that is making it the mission of everyone involved to provide a database that stands to be only the best businesses available for hiring to shoot by drone any of a number of different projects across different industries.

The internet has a wealth of pilot finders, drone job sites, and drone content machines, yet businesses are still unsure of how to get the best drone business for the job. So if you choose to not turn it over to the pros, here are some of the key things to keep in mind when differentiating between drone pilots.

1. Sniff Test

The first thing to do is ask every question that comes to mind. Do not settle for trusting the expertise of who you hire. Ask and ask away, and see if you feel like the answers you are receiving are well-researched and thorough. For too long, drone operators were championing the “grey area” of operation – the area where drone operation is sort of like a decriminalized drug. The theory also maintained that the FAA and their regulatory reach are not equipped with the resources to monitor drone pilots.

Both of those facts have proven to be untrue. Sure, most operators at least flew once in the grey, but like any business the best will not only provide the best service, but they will also provide the most reliability. In order to be reliable and trustworthy you better follow the steps necessary to ensure that you are providing your clients with a safe, legal option. Ask, ask ask…

2. Show me

When you’re done asking, now it’s time to see if this business has the paperwork to back up their claims. Insurance, FAA exemption #, pilot’s license, reel, all of these are items that any quality drone business will have ready to go for you to have and file preflight. Also, it’s okay to ask the operator for clearances and permits. These are items that drone operators are well-versed in. These are things a business you don’t want to hire will shrug off.

3. Different strokes for different folks

You should also pay attention to what the focus of the drone business is before thinking they are capable of every industry. Not every drone business is also a production company or agency, neither are they a resource for all your GIS and thermal imagery needs. Sure, their drone may have the right equipment to cover all jobs, but does that mean that the operator can? There are some key differences between an autonomous or piloted industrial job as opposed to a creative job. Your drone operator should reflect both expert knowledge of their aircraft as well as the industry you are in.

4. Be cool

Finally, you need to decide whether this is someone you enjoy working with on site. Are you working with someone that is good at interacting with people, even if it is only on a business level? Or, does this person seem…off. Are they overly demanding, or aloof to certain details? Do they just make you wonder if drone operation was even the right thing to explore in the first place? These are key signs to an amateur who probably should neither be operating a drone for a client nor be client facing whatsoever. Successful organization understand the importance of a great client relationship and depend upon ongoing relationships with happy past clients.

As always, it starts with finding a drone operator. and are the resources people are using to make sure they find the right candidate.



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