Drones on the Bayou: Louisiana Helicam, LLC

Louisiana Helicam is a drone business based in West Monroe, Louisiana. Mark Townsend, founder of Louisiana Helicam, started his business in hopes that they’d be the go to business for drone work in his region. So far, it appears that Louisiana Helicam is headed that direction. With an impressive client list, Mark Townsend and company […]

NBC shoots frozen Niagara Falls

NBC took out a drone and got some incredible footage of frozen Niagara Falls. The recent cold that has blanketed the entire Midwest and Northeastern United States has caused some unprecedented freezing events. Lake Eerie is reportedly nearly completely frozen over, as is Niagara Falls. News outlets are sure to be more and more involved […]

Photos of West Virginia Train Explosion

By now you’ve heard about the train accident that sent 3 million gallons of crude carried by train cars spilling off the tracks and bursting into flames in West Virginia. Adjacent to a river, the accident and subsequent explosion has left the area a “total mess”, says the aerial photographer Paul Corbit Brown. It is […]