Aerial51UAV in Austin, Texas flies the goods

Aerial51UAV, a professional drone business based in Austin, Texas, was founded by passionate photographers that, like many, envisioned taking their photography skills to the air, looking down upon the world. But to do that takes a whole new level of expertise, one that Aerial 51 continues to expand upon each year they are in business. […]

Upgrading Drone Payload for Production

With so many people getting into drones, the competition is already starting to heat up for space in the industry as a business professional and we haven’t even gotten a reasonable set of guiding laws yet! So why all the rage over drones? Whatever your theory, the bottom line is they are just downright cool […]

GoPro CEO is all about Drones at CES

Compact action camera maker GoPro can’t avoid the drone conversation these days, especially considering their camera has been vital to the growing demand for many gimbal-enabled drone platforms. So is GoPro primed to start releasing their own drones for consumers in 2015? Here’s what the CEO said in a Forbes article: Dressed in a t-shirt, […]