Drones and Inspection, Auditing: The New Tool for Industry

Drones and Inspection, Auditing: The New Tool for Industry

With the vast amount of infrastructure we’ve built to wire, power, and communicate with the developed world, we’ve created a virtual rats nest of structures that many large companies rely heavily upon and require routine inspection to function in order for us to keep getting the 21st century services we’ve grown so accustomed to: fast wireless data, lighting fast internet, grid-tied power, and the ability to drive over water or large canyons without thinking twice about the structure we’re on top of.

With these structures, some of which have been around since the 1920’s, comes a heavy burden of safety, performance, and reliability. Enter the auditors, whose job it is to make sure that, at the very least, people know what equipment is even on a building, or what frequency it’s giving off, is there stress in the tower, bridge, or wind turbine, and what does the dated schematic of the tower look like in reality.

Enter the drone; the indispensable (future) tool for these industries. Reliant upon some antiquated ways to perform these audits, drones are sure to increase efficiency while reducing liability placed on individuals forced to climb up these structures, often times just to take a photograph. The drone will almost certainly add to or replace that, bringing unrivaled ease and redundancy to performing audits and inspections. It will just be a matter of who can do it legally and who has the bandwidth, (like hireuavpro.com).

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