Aerial51UAV in Austin, Texas flies the goods

Aerial51UAV in Austin, Texas flies the goods

Aerial51UAV, a professional drone business based in Austin, Texas, was founded by passionate photographers that, like many, envisioned taking their photography skills to the air, looking down upon the world. But to do that takes a whole new level of expertise, one that Aerial 51 continues to expand upon each year they are in business.

At present, Aerial 51 UAV is flying the GoPro Hero 3, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, the Panasonic Lumix GH4, and the Canon 5D Mark ii and iii. That’s a pretty impressive range of cameras for a business that’s only been around a short while.

The business is a two person team, with Orlando Masis operating as the managing partner and UAV Pilot, while Alison Shuman is the Operations Manager and camera operator. The team specializes in cinematography, as well as oil/gas, pipeline, and flare inspections. Among their past clients are Chesmar Homes and CMD Productions.

One job that stands out for the team was the logistics and operation of their aerial platform for a commercial. The commercial featured a steaming freightliner that required precision in order to capture it at the right moment. Along with the freightliner, they’ve specialized in capturing moving objects. You can see in their demo reel that this stands out, capturing roller coaster passengers as they drop from the peak of the ride at an amusement park.

Aerial 51 UAV is listed on because of their advanced expertise in flying cinema cameras for production work. They’re available to hire now, as they plan to continue to grow and expand their business in 2015.

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