Xizmo Media soaring over the Big Apple

Xizmo Media soaring over the Big Apple

The drone industry is filled with businesses that are growing their capacity more and more each day. Drone businesses have sprung up and are made up of people that have come from many different backgrounds. A background in video or photography is common, yet It is rare in such a new industry to find a business that has already accomplished so much both in production and in drone media.

Xizmo Media LLC in New York City not only specializes in drone services, flying GH4, Canon 5D, Red Epic, and Arri, but they also rent all types of production equipment from their central office at 201 E. 16th St. in NYC. This has given them an edge in the Big Apple as a highly advanced specialty shop. They don’t just rent the payload, they own and maintain that payload.

When you bring a level of expertise and the best equipment in the industry to the table (and the air) in New York City, it’s no wonder they’ve worked with so many incredible clients.

As a result, Xizmo has been hired by several production companies that have featured their footage including Mercedes Benz, Heineken, Radio City Music Hall, NPR, Madison Square Garden, The Young Turks, CNN, and the New York Times.

Most businesses in the industry would be satisfied with being a leader in drone production in New York City. But Xizmo Media plans to be anything but that in 2015.

First, they’re planning with local energy companies and law enforcement to design and build a drone platform that would suit each agencies individual needs. That means a highly specialized drone that can give live feedback to law enforcement officials after an accident or incident. For energy companies, the platform would be able to help with finding areas of power line fatigue or failure, to name one application.

Also in 2015 Xizmo Media will be rolling out an aerial advertisement platform capable of carrying graphics and lit signs with advertisements on them around the New York area.


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