5 Reasons you should hire a drone pilot today

Not everyone loves the idea of jumping on something just because it’s what everyone else is doing, or because it is some new emerging fad. But make no mistake about it, drones in our society are no passing fad. What we’re seeing right now is only the beginning of what will undoubtedly lead to a new way in which our world functions. it is the true beginning of unmanned robots in places we never thought possible.

So while this is only just beginning, it is time to truly begin analyzing whether the use of this technology can benefit your business. Maybe you’re an obvious one like a production company and want to get the aerial shots that are now possible with drones. But, what are some other reasons that a drone could help you? And, are you trying to locate the drone pilot simply because you need the aerial photo or do you get more out of the attention and exposure a drone will get you?

Here are 5 reasons why you should strongly consider the use of drones in your 2015 plan, and why you should be looking to find a drone pilot today:

1. They create buzz

Do you organize events? Perhaps weddings, festivals, or something of that nature? Well, you’re the perfect candidate to hire a drone. As an event organizer, you could be responsible for creating a buzz around the events you put on by hiring the right drone pilot to not only capture stunning images of the event from the air, but also to expose people to this new technology.

As jaws drop while people stare into the sky at the little bee flying about, snapping photos and video, people will be consciously thinking of how and what they’re going to tell their friends about the event. All of that equals more and more marketing of your business.

2. They don’t crash

We’ve all seen tons of mishaps happen with drones. From the White House, to TGI Friday’s, to weddings, there are a host of videos out there that will give you a bad taste for drones in action.

But here’s a little secret: Drones don’t crash drones, people crash drones.

So, if you think you have time to buy a Phantom and go out and learn how to fly it then that’s great. But you’ve just thrust yourself to the front of the line as far as crash candidates go, whereas you could turn to the professionals and hire the folks that are flight testing every single day and have their equipment so dialed that a crash is simply not a possibility. Don’t be the guy who crashes the drone into the bride.

3. They do EVERYTHING better

If you think that your digital camera is cool, think about how cool it is attached to a drone, and the possibilities from that perspective. Well, that’s what the pros are doing every single day – taking the best photo and video cameras out there and flying them around completely safely, controlling them from the ground to capture the best images possible.

And they’re all just a phone call away. So before you think “we need to photograph that, who has a camera”, think “who has a camera on a drone.”

4. They tell a story

Drones don’t just do amazing things as directed by human beings, but they can also tell a story through their movement and perspective that’s never been told before. A cave, a lake, a marsh, a place that has always existed in 2D space for us ground-dwelling humans suddenly can be told from above the ground.

They also create a mood, a presence, that will IMMEDIATELY set your video production apart from anything else. It will soon be the standard, but if you’re going to tell a story about a surf competition, a climbing event, a bike race, or even a “Little House on the Prairie”, a drone will always help you tell that story better by capturing your audience and showing that a unique perspective.

5. They’re ready

..And waiting…That’s right, you may be picking up the paper and reading something new about drones today, but the professionals understood and accomplished those feats years ago. The professional businesses available for hire today have been working to perfect their business model for years, so there is no stress.

Now, that is why hireuavpro.com ENCOURAGES YOU to talk with us prior to hiring a drone professional so we can steer you in the direction of the businesses you want to work for you. And, there are certain things to be on the lookout for like insurance, payload, flight hours, background, etc.

Drone professionals are ready and waiting for you to hire them to make your next project incredible. Don’t fall behind – drones will soon be the new standard for so many applications. Why not make a name for yourself now by being at the front of the movement?


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