Valmie Resources a big emerging stock in Drone Tech?

Valmie Resources a big emerging stock in Drone Tech?

Valmie Resources (VMRI), based in Houston, Texas, are a company specializing in unmanned autonomous UAV technology specific to large commercial applications. Valmie are developing several drones, all with unique capabilities to enhance agriculture, oil & gas, mining, and crop business.

Yesterday, the company announced a big merger with the Mexican company Monitoreo Especializado Agrícola de Jalisco, SA (MEA), an international crop monitoring solutions provider based in Mexico, on a deal that will make drones an integral part of MEA’s solutions to their clients moving forward. The specifics of the deal have yet to be worked out.

In the stock market, VMRI has seen substantial increase over the past 6 months, though there was a large recent sell off of shares. Nevertheless, the company looks prime for advancement, though the current FAA laws towards drones, specifically autonomously-function drones, will keep them out of American skies for a time.

Many people have been tracking which pro-sumer level drone stock IPO will be a big play now and into the future, but the market has almost solely centered around business in aerospace. DJI and 3D Robotics, Inc. both are being monitored by just about everyone, but there are no announcements on an IPO expected in 2015.

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