Valmie Resources a big emerging stock in Drone Tech?

Valmie Resources (VMRI), based in Houston, Texas, are a company specializing in unmanned autonomous UAV technology specific to large commercial applications. Valmie are developing several drones, all with unique capabilities to enhance agriculture, oil & gas, mining, and crop business. Yesterday, the company announced a big merger with the Mexican company Monitoreo Especializado Agrícola de Jalisco, […]

Full Specs and overview of the DJI Inspire 1

Guest contributor Bernie Hoffman of Autonomous Avionics in Denver, Colorado, is an expert in building and maintaining drones. Inspire 1 Overview So what is the Inspire 1? The DJI Inspire 1 (model number T600) is an advanced aerial video and imaging drone. This is “not” a phantom 3 or a phantom killer. The Inspire 1 is in […]