Valmie Resources a big emerging stock in Drone Tech?

Valmie Resources (VMRI), based in Houston, Texas, are a company specializing in unmanned autonomous UAV technology specific to large commercial applications. Valmie are developing several drones, all with unique capabilities to enhance agriculture, oil & gas, mining, and crop business. Yesterday, the company announced a big merger with the Mexican company Monitoreo Especializado Agrícola de Jalisco, […]

Chris Anderson chats with Business Insider about 3D Robotics, Drones

Chris Anderson, techy entrepreneur, as well as the founder of 3D Robotics, Inc., recently chatted with Business Insider about the future of the drone tech industry. Business Insider: What does someone need to know before buying their first drone? Chris Anderson: There’s a lot of different kinds of drones, including helicopters and airplanes. Airplanes are beautiful and […]