Your new DJI Inspire 1: How to get started

Your new DJI Inspire 1: How to get started

Bernie Hoffman at Autonomous Avionics owns a warehouse and store selling all makes and models of drones as well as custom drone builds.

Here is his how to guide in getting started from unboxing of the DJI Inspire 1:

Just unwrapped the first Inspire 1 and there are a couple of things to note.

First, read the manual. It helps a lot.

Second, To get the inspire out of travel mode (the mode it was in when shipped) toggle the switch that raises or lowers the platform at least 4 times. This will set in the proper mode.

Third, the firmware update process was necessary. The DJI Pilot app on your mobile device. It appears the mobile device and app are pretty important when using this aircraft, so be forewarned: You will need a mobile device when using this aircraft. It is how many of the features are accessed to setup the aircraft.

The upgrade process was a little different than described by the DJI literature. You use the micro SD card supplied by DJI in the camera to install the new firmare. The firmware is downloaded using a PC to download the new firmware from DJI. the firmware comes as a zip file and should be extract on your machine. The .bin file is what we are looking for and should be copied to the microSD card at the root of the card’s file system. The .zip file contained 3 files: the folder of the file, the .pdf for the instructions, and a .bin. It is the .bin we want to move to the microSD card. Do not move the containing folder as the aircraft will not recognize there is new firmware available.

This is where it was a little different than described. I attempted to follow the instructions and in the manual, it states the gimbal will start making a beeping noise (d-d-d-d) I did that, but it then stopped and changed to a different sound. It was more like (d-dd) as described. I then powered off the aircraft and when I repowered it, it seemed as though the update was not installed. Appearently I did not wait long enough. I attempted the upgrade again, this time allowing the aircraft more time to complete. The second time started the same way, but as I left it to upgrade, the motors also started to beep, indicating more upgrading had to take place.

The second attempt was successful and the aircraft power-cycled on its own. This time , after the restart and checking the DJI Pilot app, the status indicated the firmware was up to date and ready to fly. So the big takeaway is to allow enough time for the upgrade and don’t power cycle the aircraft manually.

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