Burberry Drone Light Show

In August 2021, Hire UAV Pro and Burberry worked together on a unique project to partner with the brand's vision of creating a dazzling light spectacle in a remote, mountainous landscape. They reached out to us to perform a 250 drone light show in remote Westcliffe, Colorado, and the results were spectacular. A lot of [...]

Drones and the California Drought

California is unique to the world. Perhaps no other place on the planet is at such a confluence of technology, wealth, entertainment, and dealing with a drought that could prove to be the largest natural catastrophe to hit the United States….ever… While the news about the staggering and downright scary drought situation in California leaves some […]

California looking to set rules on Drones

The dominoes have been falling lately, state by state, in the direction of state regulations that control how a commercial drone market operates. The next state, and perhaps the biggest player, is California. California could prove to be the biggest commercial drone market in the entire United States. With a large population and three major […]