Scenic Cruises Drone Show lights up San Francisco Waterfront

Scenic Cruises Drone Show lights up San Francisco Waterfront

Scenic Cruises, a luxury cruise line, asked Hire UAV Pro to come out to their event in the heart of San Francisco on Pier 30/32.  The show was a smashing success. Both the city, and cruise ship provided an amazing and immersive backdrop for the show.

For this particular event, we launched a 10 minute, 125 drone show. The show was built to include imagery of destinations and activities that make Scenic Cruises unique. Some notable designs were images of a helicopter, the Sydney Opera House, an iceberg, and various exotic animals.

Pier 30/32 is located in the heart of San Francisco right next to the Oakland Bay Bridge and proved to be the perfect place for a drone show. Not only does the pier provide incredible views and backdrops- it has plenty of space as well.  Drone shows require a large amount of space both on the ground and in the air which is hard to come by in downtown areas like San Francisco. Not only does Pier 30 solve this issue, it still has plenty of space to stage a party for guests as well.

The feedback we received was incredible. The people loved how the show was synchronized with music, and the precision with which they were able to hold formations and animate even on a windy San Francisco night.

If you have an idea for a San Francisco drone light show, contact Hire UAV Pro so we can bring that vision to life. We are also a nationwide drone light show company with experience operating from coast to coast.

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