Gaylord Rockies Drone Show – Denver, Colorado

Gaylord Rockies Drone Show – Denver, Colorado

Gaylord Rockies Resort is a premier destination resort, right next to Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado. It is the perfect location for a drone light show. So when we were contacted about a large performance for Dykema, we couldn’t have been more thrilled at the opportunity.

The Gaylord Rockies event area was packed for the drone show. The crowd was employees and executives that were in for a surprise drone light show, with 2 launches. It was a perfect way to enjoy a beautiful evening – spending it under the twinkling stars of the drones.

At this particular event, we launched 2 separate 200 drone performances. This can prove to be a challenging feat, however our team were up for the task. Despite some rainy conditions and a tough launch location, our drone light shows stole the night.

The feedback we received was incredible. People loved how the show was synchronized with music, and the precision with which they were able to hold formations and animate. We were able to bring their exact vision for the show to life. There were several attendees already considering the use of a drone light show for their own upcoming events as a result of the spectacle that we created.

If you have an idea for a Denver drone light show, contact Hire UAV Pro so we can bring that vision to life. We are also a nationwide drone light show company with experience operating from coast to coast.

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