BAPS Centennial Celebration Drone Show in San Francisco

BAPS Centennial Celebration Drone Show in San Francisco

BAPS reached out to Hire UAV Pro to help commemorate the centennial celebration of the life of Pramukh Swami Maharaj with a drone show. The event took place at the Alameda County Fairgrounds near San Francisco, CA.

Upwards of 3,000 people packed into the amphitheater at the Alameda Fairgrounds for festivities that included traditional dance, live music, and a drone show finale. Guests traveled from all over the state to attend one of many similar celebrations happening nationwide throughout the year.

At this particular event, we launched 130 drones and positioned them to be directly behind the amphitheater. Guests also wore LED wrist bands that synced with the performance, changing colors in conjunction with the drone show to create a truly immersive experience. Formations were carefully crafted to accurately portray important religious images and handwriting.

The feedback we received was incredible. Guests loved how the show was synchronized with their bracelets and the voiceover track. In the days following our performance, requests came pouring in from BAPS temples across the country for the same show at their celebration event.

If you have an idea for a drone light show, contact Hire UAV Pro so we can bring that vision to life. We are also a nationwide drone light show company with experience operating from coast to coast.

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