Splatter Festival Drone Light show in San Francisco, California

Splatter Festival Drone Light show in San Francisco, California

Hire UAV Pro had the pleasure of returning to Dublin, CA for the second year in a row to put on a drone light show for the Splatter Festival. The show featured 100 drones portraying the themes of the festival while also highlighting the 40th anniversary of the city of Dublin.

Splatter Festival returned for the second year in a row since the Covid Pandemic forced the event to be canceled in 2020. The Festival was focused on celebrating the wide range of cultures that live in Dublin. The show featured a Bollywood performance, Kung Fu demonstrations, European ballet, as well as a ‘World Craft Bazaar’.

The night was capped off with a 10 minute, 100 drone show synchronized to music. The feedback we received was incredible. People loved how the show was synchronized with music, and the precision with which they were able to hold formations and animate.

Another successful year at Splatter Festival is further proof that drone light shows can be a perfect alternative to fireworks in communities looking to mitigate fire risks. Not only is it something new, it allows community planners to create personalized stories that connect directly with the community.

If you have an idea for a drone light show, contact Hire UAV Pro so we can bring that vision to life. We are also a nationwide drone light show company with experience operating from coast to coast.

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