Parker, Colorado – A key changing moment for Colorado Drone Light Shows

Parker, Colorado – A key changing moment for Colorado Drone Light Shows

Colorado drone light shows were on display this year like none in the past. This 4th of July in Colorado and the southwest of the United States, drone light shows were becoming more normal in towns and cities to celebrate the holiday. Hire UAV Pro has already performed many drone shows in fire prone areas such as California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico, with our base in Denver, Colorado. This 4th of July, Hire UAV Pro focused solely on Colorado to perform their signature drone light shows. 100’s of drones flying for 10-12 minutes in perfect formation set to music, as a replacement for fireworks, drew in 1,000s of people.

What makes drone light shows in Colorado unique is that Colorado is not always a state with fire restrictions. Some years, there is plenty of rain, and towns are ok to have fireworks displays. Other years, and more recently, fire bans are in place early in the year, forcing towns to make other plans. This makes Colorado, where Hire UAV Pro is based, a key state to experiment with Colorado drone light shows.

Most attendees were very excited to see the drone light shows for the first time. However, some people were a little bit bummed that there would be no fireworks. We see this as a perfect opportunity to show folks and change their minds to the possibilities of a drone light show.

Once people are able to see a drone light show in person in Colorado, we typically see a change in opinion. Just like videos and photos of fireworks don’t truly do it justice, the same is true for drone light shows. Videos look cool, but until you are there looking up in to the night sky seeing 100’s of drones dance around in formation, you haven’t experienced it yet. That experience is making believers in Colorado that not only are drone light shows a cool form of entertainment, but that they may some day be far ahead of fireworks for folks not just living in fire prone areas, but all across the country.

In the years to come, as Hire UAV Pro starts to fly many more drones, and increase show times up to 20-25 minutes, there’s no stopping drone light show entertainment from lighting up the sky all across America.

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