First Drone Light show in Madison, Wisconsin

First Drone Light show in Madison, Wisconsin

Hire UAV Pro performs the first Madison drone light show in history, largest in the state of Wisconsin to date.

When Hire UAV Pro traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to work with Monona Terrace on ringing in their 25-year anniversary,  we knew this would be a first for most, if not all of Madison, Wisconsin residents. The large 150 drone light show display that took place on July 23, 2022, near Lake Monona, stopped thousands of folks in their tracks for a first time glimpse of our drone light show technology.

Madison, Wisconsin is a beautiful place to perform a drone light show. Though we were rained out the first night due to persistent severe thunderstorms, we were able to stick around an extra day and perform the show on Sunday. We got to enjoy seeing the lake full of boaters, kayakers, and swimmers in Madison’s thriving urban community.

After we launched the drone light show, we were happy to have had a chance to interact with the community and get feedback. Everyone we spoke with was ecstatic that Madison would utilize a new, eco-friendly firework alternative to perform a big event for the town. Monona Terrace offered a free rooftop viewing experience with a band, drinks, food, and the entire patio looking out over the lake with the best view in town.

We look forward to working in Madison, Wisconsin again on their second ever drone light show experience. Stay tuned as we continue traveling the United States, bringing drone light shows to everyone.

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