Hire UAV Pro Colorado 4th of July Drone Show Series

Hire UAV Pro Colorado 4th of July Drone Show Series

This 4th of July, we are on tour throughout Colorado providing our signature drone light shows to communities that are in traditionally fire prone areas, giving attendees a fun, new, safe holiday experience.

The 4th of July drone light shows are garnering a lot of local and national media attention. Here are some of the top news stories about what Hire UAV Pro is doing:

Also, NPR in Chicago has covered our story. We’ll also be featured on NBC Nightly News national TV on Saturday, July 2nd.

The drone light show series is kicking off it’s run in Gypsum, Colorado on July 1st. Below is the list of drone light shows:

  • July 1st – Gypsum, CO at 9:30 PM
  • July 2nd – Castle Pines Country Club, CO at 9:15
  • July 3rd – Castle Pines, CO at 9:30 pm
  • July 4th – Parker, CO at 9:15 PM

The shows will range from 100 to 150 drones, with patriotic images, and will last from 10-12 minutes in length. People should expect a great soundtrack and lots of fun animations and moments, making people cheer loudly.

Hire UAV Pro is the leading drone light show company in the United States, and the only drone light show company in Colorado. We are rapidly expanding our fleet, and are also performing drone light shows in Arizona on the 4th of July. In future years, we’ll be able to offer drone light shows to 100’s of communities across the United States.

The advantage of a drone light show is the reduced risk to fires, the quiet noise perfect for areas near forest land, and the complete lack of any toxic chemicals/smoke from shows. This is why communities are continuing to explore using drone light shows as an alternative to fireworks. Hire UAV Pro will continue to perform drone light shows all across USA, Canada, and Mexico on all days of the year.

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The Hire UAV Pros are the United States leader in producing drone light shows. With years of experience, technologically-advanced equipment, and an impeccable safety record, Hire UAV Pro will deliver any size drone light show to you.