What to know when flying your Drone in cold weather

What to know when flying your Drone in cold weather

It’s cold outside just about everywhere these days. And while that may be limiting the amount of time you spend outside, it doesn’t necessarily mean it should limit the amount of flight time your drone gets.

Bernie Hoffman of Autonomous Avionics leads meet-ups for people looking to learn more in-depth about the particulars of drones and drone maintenance. It’s important to have a rich understanding of the performance of your drone in variable weather conditions, and right now that means cold.

Bernie Hoffman is hosting a “fly-in” in the Denver area this weekend to talk about cold weather flying:

How do you keep your batteries warm? Have you flown in the snowy backcountry? Do you use a polarizer or ND filter on your lenses? What about keeping your fingers from getting frostbitten when flying in the cold?

Fly in #7 will help answer some of those questions! Get ready to share your tips and tricks on cold weather flying and shooting. The latest in battery warmer kit and camera filter information will be presented and demoed. Stay tuned for location and details


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