Intel’s RealSense Technology to give Drones a sense of their surroundings

Intel’s RealSense Technology to give Drones a sense of their surroundings

Intel, coming from CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been updating everyone on RealSense Technology, a revolutionary technology that gives users a Natural User Interface (NUI) with their devices, and also could pave the way for making drones react to their surroundings by sensing and avoiding them as humans do.

Intel RealSense technology inside Robotics and Multi-copter drone: Intel demonstrated an iRobot® AVA® 500 video collaboration robot equipped with Intel RealSense cameras to support the platform’s autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance technologies. In addition, Intel highlighted the growing possibilities for multi-copter drones, including the inspection of fields and power lines, delivering goods, and even monitoring endangered species. As these drones become smarter, they can see, react, and even move safely through the environment. During the CES keynote, Intel created a make-shift obstacle course inside the CES keynote ballroom and demonstrated a number of AscTec* Firefly multi-copter drones equipped with Intel RealSense cameras that provide 360-degree sensing and enabled with unique collision avoidance capabilities. Intel’s RealSense camera module, which weighs as little as 8 grams and is less than 4mm thick, brings depth perception to drones both indoors and outdoors with minimal impact to payload and flight times.

CES 2015 continues to be a possible pioneer moment in the field of Drone technology, with the whole world now bearing witness to hundreds of start-up techs that could soon be items you can’t live without.

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