Drones and the California Drought

California is unique to the world. Perhaps no other place on the planet is at such a confluence of technology, wealth, entertainment, and dealing with a drought that could prove to be the largest natural catastrophe to hit the United States….ever… While the news about the staggering and downright scary drought situation in California leaves some […]

Full Specs and overview of the DJI Inspire 1

Guest contributor Bernie Hoffman of Autonomous Avionics in Denver, Colorado, is an expert in building and maintaining drones. Inspire 1 Overview So what is the Inspire 1? The DJI Inspire 1 (model number T600) is an advanced aerial video and imaging drone. This is “not” a phantom 3 or a phantom killer. The Inspire 1 is in […]

Upgrading Drone Payload for Production

With so many people getting into drones, the competition is already starting to heat up for space in the industry as a business professional and we haven’t even gotten a reasonable set of guiding laws yet! So why all the rage over drones? Whatever your theory, the bottom line is they are just downright cool […]