A Dazzling Drone Light show near San Francisco, California

A Dazzling Drone Light show near San Francisco, California

Dublin, California was the site of a dazzling dancing man drone light show on September 18th, 2021. The show featured 100 drones telling the story of Splatter festival, as well as connecting animations in the show with activities that the people of Dublin, California enjoy including bicycling, painting, music, and food. The show ran in length for 10 minutes, and was prime viewing for anyone at the festival. See the video for the full show.


Hire UAV Pro drone light shows have been a force throughout California. We were approached by representatives from the City of Dublin, California to provide an entertainment option that didn’t pose any fire risk. Dublin is in a valley that is known to have forest fires throughout the warmer months of the year. Residents in Dublin, California, like many in Western States, are putting more pressure on their municipality to protect them from fire risks.

Drone Light Shows have been a win-win for city planners, allowing them to provide entertainment while mitigating potential fire risks. The 100 drone show is a perfect replacement for smaller to medium-sized fireworks shows, and gives the crowd a different type of performance. We approach our shows as if we are creating an animated play. The drone light show can be accompanied by music, and can tell a very specific story throughout a 10-minute performance.


The show design focused on elements of the Splatter festival. We wanted it to be fun and connect the crowd with what they were there to support – outdoor activities, wine & cheese, art, and music – within the greater Dublin area.

By telling a story this way, and wrapping up a festival with the drone light show performance, we give people a lasting memory that they’ll never forget. Unlike fireworks, our drones can be programmed to tell the unique, specific story of Splatter and Dublin, as opposed to just being there to provide some loud flashes.


We executed the 100 drone light show launch and landing across the street in a large, empty corn field. We had more than enough buffer distance from the crowd, and the 400 feet max altitude was perfect for viewing. The conditions were good. We had mid 50’s and light winds, perfect for launching a drone. All 100 drones flew and returned to home with no issues.


Drone light shows are never easy, but when you put in a lot of hard work in the planning and design, they can be consistently successful. Our drone light show was a success again because of great coordination with folks in the City of Dublin, through their police and fire department, as well as great internal ground support and good planning in order to allow for plenty of time to comfortably prepare and launch the show safely. We look forward to performing a drone light show in Dublin, California again in 2022!

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