“Paris In Love” Drone Light Show – A spectacular display over Hollywood in Los Angeles, California

“Paris In Love” Drone Light Show – A spectacular display over Hollywood in Los Angeles, California

If you happened to find yourself in the Hollywood area on November 13, 2021, you may have seen the dazzling results of our recent team-up with Peacock TV and NBC to run a Los Angeles drone show in Hollywood, for the new tv docuseries Paris in LoveThe show, which premiered on November 12, 2021, will follow the wedding planning process of socialite Paris Hilton’s much-anticipated marriage to successful venture capitalist Carter Reum and will detail how some of the decision-making processes ultimately culminated in the incredible fairytale wedding we saw unfold before our eyes.

We flew this amazing drone show in Hollywood, a neighborhood located in the city of Los Angeles, California, which has become one of the most notable neighborhoods in the country with a name that has become synonymous with the film and television industry in the United States. You can’t help but think of the magic of movie-making when you talk about this town, so it seemed only fitting that we would run promotion here for this new and exciting television series with our magic-inspiring drone lights dancing through the sky. And while drone light show technology is still a relatively new art form for most of the world, it’s becoming more and more prevalent. We were so excited to get to display for the first time a vision of the future where advertising and marketing were pushed off the page to among the stars where it could literally float through the air for millions to see.

Hire UAV Pro drone light shows are the standard for a drone light show in Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the rest of California. For this show, 202 drones flew a 10-minute wedding drone light show in celebration of Paris and Carter’s three-day-long festivity-filled wedding weekend. Drones stretched 850 feet across the sky in what is currently our largest drone light show to date congratulating the newly married couple, toasting champagne flutes to send well-wishes for their continued happiness together, and pointing fans to the Peacock TV streaming platform where they could catch all of the details of this spectacular and star-studded event. We worked closely with NBC to ensure that the show was more than just generic branding and made sure that the display featured just the right amount of detailing to make it reminiscent of the iconic duo that this display was in honor of. If you missed the show and are hoping for a chance to still see it, keep an eye out for the upcoming holiday shows on NBC and Peacock TV. 

Hire UAV Pro already has plans in the future to do more reality television drone shows, entertainment drone shows, and live event drone shows in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, and many other California cities. It is safe to say that Hire UAV Pro will be consistently performing drone light shows in California! If you want to see a drone show, or want to inquire about a drone show booking, we look forward to hearing from you.

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