The DJI S900 Drone Review

The DJI S900 Drone Review

DJI announced the unveiling of the S900 back in August, and it was no doubt an exciting release by DJI, giving many drone operators a more affordable option to the S1000 with many of the same capabilities.

We will be publishing our video overview of the model soon. A re-designed power distribution system and lighter frame has made the DJI S900 a reliable, powerful drone for aerial video and photography.

Among the many compliments to the new design have been:

– Price

– Ease-of-use

– Folding Arms

– Retractable Landing Gear

– Flight Control

– Lumix GH 4 Gimbal

– Fun to fly

Some¬†people see potential drawbacks being the confusion over the different gimbal and flight control options, though most professionals who are experienced wouldn’t argue that point.

The DJI S900 is definitely a major step up from the Phantom, one that only professional operators should consider purchasing and flying. While the Phantom is capable of some quality video, it simply cannot compete with the camera that a S900 could fly on either the GH4, Sony Nex, or DSLR gimbal.

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