Drones are great for search and rescue. Drones can use live streaming video and infrared cameras to find objects that even helicopters and fixed wing aircraft cannot. Drones are also used for similar applications in the military, able to spot things and provide live feedback without endangering human lives. For a list of drone operators, pilots, and businesses that specialize in search and rescue, search here.

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Drone Tier Systems International LLC is a Veteran owned and operated full time photography and video solution company able to live on remote set locations, even in “off the grid” sites.  Our self sufficient mobile command center and…

Autonomous Avionics in Denver, Colorado, designs, manufactures, and sells unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV or sUAV), commonly known as drones.

Sentinel Air is a group of highly experienced former military aviators now able to offer their skills to your tasks. Formed in 2013 from a group of retiring military aviators, Sentinel Air is able to offer customers the benefits of years of military…