Sentinel Air is a group of highly experienced former military aviators now able to offer their skills to your tasks. Formed in 2013 from a group of retiring military aviators, Sentinel Air is able to offer customers the benefits of years of military training in large unmanned and manned platforms. 

As a full service aerial surveillance company, we offer aerial surveillance services to Public Safety, Emergency Services, Environmental Inspection and to the Media. In addition our staff can provide a complete package of training and consultancy services for all aspects of operating both manned and unmanned (UAV) aircraft. With a vast range of skills honed across the world, on a variety of platforms, there is a no more experienced company in offering commercial aerial surveillance services and none able to offer it at these costs. 

From our time operating both manned and unmanned platforms we saw advantages and disadvantages of each and so elected to build a platform using a hybrid of technologies. This enables the use of a very cost effective aircraft, able to operate within FAA rules anywhere you desire. So we have built a combination of a piloted long endurance aircraft but with the sensors controlled from the ground or air.  Using commercial secure video streaming technology, our down linked video can be viewed across the world.  Our remote sensor control allows face to face liaison with the sensor operator, able to put the camera where you need it instantly, all from your own operations center. We can train your staff to operate our camera, maintaining continuity within your service. View our video down link on-scene and remotely at your operations center.

Increased situation awareness drives efficiency and safety and saves costs well beyond the expense of operating our platform. Unlike current civilian UAVs our hybrid platform can operate anywhere, without FAA prior clearance and covers large areas. Rapidly gaining eyes onto any incident within your area.

This hybrid allows legal safe large UAV technology, to be available years before FAA rules permit their commercially use. Our aircraft are able to deploy at short notice, anywhere. Their removable wings allow them to be trailed or air freighted within 30 minutes.  Reassembled in 45 minutes it can be up and flying and streaming live video anywhere within an hour of arrival.

Sentinel air offers short term, short notice contracts and long term, enduring contracts on its aircraft. For further details on our services please contact us.

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