Drones are great for search and rescue. Drones can use live streaming video and infrared cameras to find objects that even helicopters and fixed wing aircraft cannot. Drones are also used for similar applications in the military, able to spot things and provide live feedback without endangering human lives. For a list of drone operators, pilots, and businesses that specialize in search and rescue, search here.

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Falcon UAV TM is a small unmanned aircraft designed to provide live aerial reconnaisance and airborne mapping capabilities to those who require a professional grade system at a great value.  Capable of providing over an hour of endurance, the system…

Sky Photo, Inc. in Colorado provides low-altitude high resolution imagery from ground based remote-controlled craft.

Aerosight Civilian UAV is based out of Oregon and offers a large array of services, training, and products.  Whether you’re looking for aerial video, learning how to fly, or want to build a custom UAV, this is a great place to fulfill those…

Based in Redmond, Washington, Volair Northwest specializes in remote controlled aerial cinematography ​captured via Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Our safe, efficient platform provides our customers a unique, cost effective solution.​​​