UAS Professionals Inc. announces Strategic Partnership with

UAS Professionals Inc. announces Strategic Partnership with

Broomfield, CO: May 18, 2015UAS Professionals Inc. (UASPI) became the first company in Broomfield, Colorado to receive the elusive FAA 333 exemption waiver.  This approval from the Federal Aviation Administration grants UAS Professionals Inc. the privilege to legally conduct commercial UAV operations across the United States.  It is the first waiver granted in Broomfield, one of just several in the state of Colorado, and 1 of only 382 granted nationwide as of May 14th.  The FAA is taking a very prudent and paced approach to the approval process as it continues to wrestle with how to integrate drones into the national airspace.  An approval waiver is a big achievement, as well as an important responsibility.

UAS Professionals was founded on the key principle that safety must come first in all areas of the business.  The company provides 3 key services both here in Colorado, as well as across the country.  UASPI offers training and support to individuals and businesses interesting in breaking into the fast growing business of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).  With over 25 years of aviation, teaching and business consulting experience, the company provides a one-stop training solution offering courses from beginner (never seen a UAV fly) to expert (specialized mission planning and operations).  In addition to the robust job bank UASPI maintains, the company has forged strategic partnerships with organizations such as to provide immediate employment opportunities for graduates of the program.

The company also offers business support to those who are looking to take commercial advantage of this burgeoning technology.  Start-up assistance, getting legal to fly, and operational advice are all areas of expertise.  Finally, UASPI provides solutions to customers who need professionals to fly actual operations.  Whether it’s specialized cameras, sensor arrays or aircraft, the ability to customize a mission specifically to the business need means that UASPI can provide a solution that will solve the problem and exceed expectations.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly referred to as drones, are revolutionizing industries large and small.  From precision agriculture where a UAV can monitor nitrogen levels that predict plant health, to specialized mapmaking that provides sub-centimeter resolution, to wildfire mitigation through the use of thermal and infrared cameras that can see through smoke, UAVs are providing exciting solutions across the board.  Not to mention that they are really good at providing high-definition aerial perspective photography of events, crime scenes and real estate.  A March 2013 study by AUVSI predicted that more than 70,000 new jobs will be created within the first three years following official integration of UAS into the national airspace.  Total economic impact is projected to exceed $82.1 billion within the first 10 years, and predicted to grow sustainably from there.  Industry experts suggest starting salaries for UAV operators will range between $80,000-$100,000 annually.


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