Drone footage and 3D animation for Spectacular Video Content

www.hireuavpro.com realizes that it is in a competitive space. Recently, numerous companies have popped up, hoping to be the place for drone job placement, training, and drone equipment sales. Competition is getting fierce, but who has the goods to become the authoritative source in the industry?

Dronebase.com has taken a very streamlined approach to services. You can pick from 2 packages based on 1) if you just want video or photography or 2) if you want mapping/GIS applications. It’s smart, but it is limited. Furthermore, it is not clear how operators achieve business for dronebase.com as they do not have a Section 333 exemption, required by the FAA to fly for any commercial applications.

Despite all of that, dronebase.com has been funded in California, most recently for an undisclosed amount, so there’s no telling what they have up their sleeve. The bottom line, though, is that it appears that all the single pilot or dual pilot start-up drone businesses across the country will not be able to share their name in any success of dronebase.com. Rather, the work will come through dronebase.com and will always have their name on it.

By comparison, www.hireuavpro.com is all about the operator. We’ve been building our database so that YOUR name is what people find and keep on the tip of their tongue. In a multi-billiion dollar industry, it’s to be expected that there will be thousands of lucrative drone businesses across the country and beyond, so why do we want to let a single entity control what name gets put on the work performed?

Okay, back to the title of this article. With competition comes the need to adapt to changing demands of consumers, clients, and businesses. We have expanded our production studio, allowing for businesses to be a part of post production they may not have a capacity for themselves. Below is one such example:

What you are seeing in this example are two drone clips from hireuavpro.com certified businesses. That is the first, and most important layer. The ability to get these clips anywhere in the world.

Next, we’ve taken the footage and motion tracked it. Motion tracking has become much easier with Adobe After Effects CS6, and now extremely easy with Adobe After Effects CC. If you know the frame rate, you can simply click a button and “voila!”, you have a piece of footage with an X, Y, and Z, meaning it is three-dimensional and ready to be animated.

We then take the footage and export it to our 3D animation software, in this case with Cinema 4D. These packages play well together so you can live animate and see exactly what you are creating in After Effects while you are animating in Cinema 4D. These were the next steps:

– Import model from client of different home designs

– Build plane with realistic grass

– Build streets, sidewalks, correct orientation

– Add realistic lighting, environments, reflections from materials

– Add in remaining landscaping and shadowing

After these Cinema 4D steps, the footage is ready to be edited in After Effects CC. Here, we add the remaining animations of the different proximity items in the landscape. Things like parks, downtown, shopping, mountains, are all done in After Effects using various techniques. Finally, we render out and import into Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The last touches of grading, sound, and clip length are all done here and rendered, then compressed in Handbrake.

These types of clips are ideal for presenting to and prospecting clients, for beefing up a portfolio, for presenting to city planners and permitters, or for doing inspections on potential impacts after a development is completed. They are relatively a new science right now, but we expect them to be standard in the years to come.


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