Who’s hiring in the Drone Industry?

It’s good to ask “who’s hiring in the drone industry”, especially in the United States, and one that hireuavpro.com was intended to answer for a new market of drone pilots and businesses. We’d love to have input on this article for those that aren’t keeping their industry secrets to themselves, but let’s start from the top: […]

Parrot’s Drone for Professionals

Hireuavpro.com is all about drone professionals. We are always providing content for both drone business pros and for business looking to hire drone business professionals. At CES 2015, we saw a huge display of drones that are beyond the hobbyist drone. The Parrot Exom was one of these drones: CES had its fair share of […]

South Park to spoof Drones

Where there is public hysteria, there is South Park. Piggybacking on just about every polarizing issue known to man over the years, South Park has decided it’s time to make a mockery of us all by parodying drones in their next episode. The only image we’ve seen is of what appears to be a DJI […]