Upgrading Drone Payload for Production

With so many people getting into drones, the competition is already starting to heat up for space in the industry as a business professional and we haven’t even gotten a reasonable set of guiding laws yet! So why all the rage over drones? Whatever your theory, the bottom line is they are just downright cool […]

FAQ on Drone Batteries

Guest contributor Bernie Hoffman of Autonomous Avionics in Denver, Colorado, is an expert in building and maintaining drones.         Today we are going to talk a little about chargers and some of the frequently asked questions pertaining to chargers and batteries used in UAV industry. Batteries are one of the key components when […]

Who’s hiring in the Drone Industry?

It’s good to ask “who’s hiring in the drone industry”, especially in the United States, and one that hireuavpro.com was intended to answer for a new market of drone pilots and businesses. We’d love to have input on this article for those that aren’t keeping their industry secrets to themselves, but let’s start from the top: […]