KC Aerial Photo: One of Midwest’s Best

KC Aerial Photo, LLC in Overland Park, Kansas was one of many that joined hireuavpro.com this year to get their businesses name out there. But their best marketing has been showcasing what they can do in the air and racking up more and more clients that look to KC Aerial Photo as a source for aerial media.

Their passion for flying translates into beautiful images and video of churches, colleges, and neighborhoods. In particular, their past clients have included Olathe Bible Church and Colonial Presbyterian Church near Overland Park. These were also rewarding clients, as they were able to use this footage to show people a new way of viewing congregations.

In 2015, KC Aerial will begin work with Top Golf on their new location in Kansas city, as well as a nationwide portfolio of Top Golf locations.

That, and they’ll also continue working with their commercial real estate clients, as well as Healthridge Fitness Center. You can check out their full portfolio here.


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