Air Reel Productions LLC in Aliso Viejo, California

California, as many people know, is the most competitive place in the world to do production work. Los Angeles draws in creatives in the film industry from all over the globe, so if you want to stand out in LA, you’d better be unique, and that’s why Air Reel Productions LLC is just that.

Based in Aliso Viejo, Fernando and his team operate mainly as aerial cinematographers. Knowing what it takes to stand out in California, they’ve put together a fleet capable of carrying the GH4, 5D Mark iii, and the RED Epic. That three-headed monster of capabilities has brought them some pretty impressive clients.

Among their past clients are: GoPro, Caskey & Caskey, Sunbrella, Dana Wharf, White Rose Productions, Banzai Surf, and many many more. They’ve become a well-established name in aerial cinematography in a place where you’d better bring your “A” game.

Here’s a sample of a recent Vimeo Staff pick that they did:

Many of their productions feature what is just out their back door: the ocean. And why wouldn’t they shoot such a beautiful setting if it’s just out the backdoor? But it’s perhaps what they have filmed on the other side of the ocean that they are most proud of.

The Air Reel team were invited to shoot a documentary film about New Zealand which allowed them an epic opportunity to travel to New Zealand and shoot on location for 3 weeks. Having spent time there myself, I can attest to the unrivaled natural beauty of the remote pacific island. Mountains, oceans, glaciers, and more oceans (from white sand to black volcanic beach sand) are everywhere you look in New Zealand, and that’s why Fernando believes they’ve captured what he describes as “the most epic aerial content taken in that country to date.”

The documentary will premiere in the next few months right around the start of Summer, as well as another film about surfing titled “Dirty Old Wedge.” On top of these exciting developments in 2015, Air Reel Productions expects to see continued growth – the kind of growth they saw in 2014 when they landed these large jobs.

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