Hireuavpro.com and Formula One Racing

Hireuavpro.com and Formula One Racing

In 2017, Drone Pro Media was fortunate to be a part of a large international project to bring live broadcast to Formula One racing. Graham Hill joined drone operators and technicians from Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Hungary, and Belgium to be one of the first teams to launch a drone at capture on-air images for broadcast during both the Barcelona and Hungary Formula One races.

The technology relied upon a drone tether system – a long, retractable cable capable of supplying a UAS with power and allowing it to stay aloft for an indefinite period of time. This was the crucial part of always being in position for the next car coming around the turn. The team coordinated with the helicopter team at each location to ensure that all airspace regulations were covered through a NOTAM. The experience turned out to be a success, and the team is looking forward to more work with Formula One in 2018.

Enjoy the videos that came out of both races, and stay tuned to Drone Pro Media of Denver, Colorado for more incredible stories of using drones and UAS to push the limits of aerial media and data capture.

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