Drone Light Show Company Fraud

Drone Light Show Company Fraud

Drone light shows are an incredible technology, however they have recently become susceptible to fraud due to a particular drone light show company, The Drone Light Show Company.

We have now personally received 5 calls from businesses who have sought the services of David O’neill, a self-declared “drone guru”, who originally started “That Drone Show” as a means to generate ad revenue talking about drones. A wannabe drone expert, he capitalized on the drone light show market by creating a fake subsidiary that has been funneling money from businesses that have found this prices to be far discounted to companies that have an actual track record of performing. Here is a list of some the fraudalent acts he has committed:

  • Pricing: He claims that he can provide drone light shows at prices that are not possible. A 100 drone light show is expensive, very hard to produce, and even more difficult to repeatedly produce successfully. It is not a $15,000 venture.
  • Consultation: David will personally “walk you through” the process, seemingly sounding very knowledgeable and there to cater to your event. He 100% of the time then disappears, because he in no capacity is capable of producing a drone light show.
  • Location: David claims to be located in LA. As of now, as we know, Interpol is actively looking for David as he is not in the United States, even though his business location is here.
  • Payments: David demands up front payment in full. This should be a red flag but due to this being such new technology, it is being accepted, even by large companies.

The bottom line is we believe in a fair market value, and believe that everyone should do their homework and talk to multiple companies. We are simply issuing a stern warning that if you reach out to the services of The Drone Light Show Company, you are lighting your money on fire. I wish you luck.


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