Hireuavpro.com for Drone Operators: One Year Later

Hireuavpro.com for Drone Operators: One Year Later

It was just over one year ago that hireuavpro.com was created by folks who know the drone industry and see the value in creating a hub for the promotion of pilots, operators, and drone businesses that are doing unprecedented things, and doing them the right way.

Today, we’ve grown to over 300 businesses – but quantity has less value than ever before. Like any website, our initial step involved gathering, collecting, sorting and building a database that would ensure people found hireuavpro.com. Now that we know hireuavpro.com is being used by many different industries – agriculture, oil and gas, production, real estate – to find the right operators, the time has come to become a place where only the best operators can be found.

It’s not an easy undertaking. By no means does someone who only flies a Phantom disqualify them from hireuavpro.com, nor should it. But, realistically, this piece of machinery does have a maximum capability. The next tier and the next one after that, by way of equipment, insurance, expertise, has a higher capacity, delivers a better end product, and ensures that a business is serious about what they do.

Many have heard about our partnership with UAS Professionals Inc. In order for hireuavpro.com to deliver pilots to hundreds of companies that have specific requirements for high-end drone jobs, we need to make some updates.

Coming soon, we will be unveiling our restricted area where you’ll soon be able to search jobs and bid directly on them, getting in touch with not just one-time jobs, but companies searching for 6-month contractual jobs that pay well. And, you’ll be operating under your own business name and the reputation you’ve built. Unlike competitors like dronebase.com and Skycatch, we don’t want to “Uber” the world of drones, and we don’t believe that Silicon Valley is the only place where innovation happens.

I want to conclude by thanking everyone for being open to coming out and listing their business at hireuavpro.com despite the FAA making active headlines about “illegal operators”. What we’ve built you cannot build on your own. Our SEO and presence is large in this industry, and we’re giving you a piece of that with your name and your information.

Stay tuned for our restricted area rollout.

About UAVpros

The Hire UAV Pros are the United States leader in producing drone light shows. With years of experience, technologically-advanced equipment, and an impeccable safety record, Hire UAV Pro will deliver any size drone light show to you.