Drones for Wedding Season

Drones for Wedding Season

The time is now to start finalizing the plan for your summer wedding. Everyone will have a photographer, and many will also have a videographer. But I think we’re getting to the point where you’ll be at at least 1 wedding this summer where a drone is present.

Drones are being used to capture events more and more. They’re sure to stir up the conversation, so don’t be one of the misinformed. Here’s the best things to do if you see a drone flying over a wedding this summer:

  • Talk to the drone operator: Ask them how long they’ve been doing it, are they licensed. If not, then why did they choose to not use a license and 333.
  • Watch them in flight. Are they staying on all the oblique angles from people, or are they flying right over and near people? If the latter is true, make sure you say something.
  • Relax. If they check out legally and if they’re staying about from people then you have nothing to worry about

So if you’re in the market to hire a drone to get some aerial video and photography of your wedding this year, then make sure you contact us at info@hireuavpro.com so we can get you started with the right operators and packages.

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