Hire Drones for Conferences, Trade Shows, and Events

Hire Drones for Conferences, Trade Shows, and Events

The primary purpose of any event planner helping set up booths or schedule conferences for a company is to drive engagement and traffic to those companies. The best method for doing that may well be the use of a drone.

Drones, and most flying objects for that matter, always attract a spectacle. People are drawn to robotic flying objects. Ask any drone operator who has flown a job in an urban area, and they’ll tell you just how many people came up and asked questions, took photos, or stared in amazement. The drone is the perfect tool to help make your next tradeshow or conference a success, and Hire UAV Pro can help.

The first thing we do is identify who your market is. Let’s say that you are a car manufacturer and want to take the next auto show to the next level. Traditionally, you’ve been disappointed at how much you’ve spent while getting very little traction and crowds at your booth or space. The drone and the car are a perfect match. Think about every car commercial in the world. They’re always showing you beautiful ocean drives or mountainous terrain featuring a brand new model of a car carving through it. I know it always appeals to our senses. We’ve identified then how the drone can be the tool to making cars more interesting and appealing.

Next, we help you design the booth space itself. In most cases, we recommend the drone cage. This is a completely controlled environment where people can see and use drones without ever having to come in close contact with them. So, using the car example, how would you apply it to cars? Well, first we’d take a car, perhaps a toy car, and put it in the cage. Next, we would have people fly a drone and try to take pictures or streaming video of the car, which could be broadcast out to a monitor. Competitively, maybe we ask people to land the drone on the pickup bed or on a platform we put on the roof of the car for a small prize like a matchbox car or a mini drone.

And no offense, but if we are talking about conferences then I think we will have no shortage of bored people. Each year, billions of dollars are spent on conferences that most of the time fail in providing new opportunities for engagement. The drone can change that.

All of this would be going on while the outside of the booth is showing stunning aerial video of cars driving all over the world coming right out of our database of footage.

Finally, we help you manage your social media campaign. Our team of creatives have worked in branding agencies and production companies, so we can show up with a plan and help drive engagement at the event and towards your next event.

Contact us to find out how to get your next event customized for your brand or product.

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