Drone for Events: the Hireuavpro.com advantage

Drone for Events: the Hireuavpro.com advantage

2016 has shown us at hireuavpro.com that drones are here to stay. With numerous big events planned, hosted, and managed, we’ve seen drone events as a new way for folks to engage with people at trade shows, conferences, and even special private events. We’re excited for 2017 as we’ve already seen a host of conferences and trade shows interested in what we offer.

The difference is giving folks the actual hands-on experience flying and operating a drone at a conference or trade show. Traditional demos showcase drone technology in a cage. The new show is going to allow all users to perform functions on the drone. The next step is the fun part! We allow our users to compete with one another by way of fun racing cages, or in the form of head-to-head competitions, or even team competitions. It’s no surprise that the winning team can win none other than their own drone!

Drones are becoming more and more commonplace in our skies, but the general public is still in awe of flying objects. Many people have never personally interacted with a drone. Hireuavpro.com is hoping to give everyone an opportunity to understand the technology that will be a staple of the future in the skies above.


About UAVpros

The Hire UAV Pros are the United States leader in producing drone light shows. With years of experience, technologically-advanced equipment, and an impeccable safety record, Hire UAV Pro will deliver any size drone light show to you.