Burberry Drone Light Show

Burberry Drone Light Show

In August 2021, Hire UAV Pro and Burberry worked together on a unique project to partner with the brand’s vision of creating a dazzling light spectacle in a remote, mountainous landscape. They reached out to us to perform a 250 drone light show in remote Westcliffe, Colorado, and the results were spectacular. A lot of hard work and planning went into the success of this show, and we’re excited to share that information with you.


When we were originally approached to perform this drone light show, we were tasked with coming up with the appropriate location that would meet both Burberry’s vision, and be within the legal and technical requirements to perform a drone light show. After an exhaustive search, we came upon Westcliffe, Colorado as our location. Westcliffe has the Sangre De Cristo mountain range to the west, and is in a remote valley with scenery every direction you look. Remarkably, it is a rather unknown location.

The next step was to find a suitable landing/takeoff zone. Doing a site visit, we found a homeowner on the end of the lake who would allow us to use his property for staging our gear and for landing/takeoff so that we were not on state land. The law does allow you to fly over state land, but it does not allow you to takeoff or land on it.

Futhermore, the Burberry team was leaning upon our crew to provide the video production for their campaign. Our in-house production team worked side-by-side our crew to capture all of the elements of the show, and were instructed they would need to deliver the nearly 2 TB of data to the Burberry team in the UK within 24 hours of completing the remote shoot.


The show design centered on the main Burberry logo, as well as the 8 interlinked Burberry logos. The drone light show was also meant to have a natural feel to it, so we incorporated a firefly effect on landing and takeoff. All in all, the show length was 10 minutes and 250 drones, with the need for nearly 600 charged batteries available in the remote location.


The Burberry drone light show proved to be a difficult one. It took nearly 4 full days in order to capture the show with the appropriate lighting. Some of the issues we ran into were both the size of the landing/takeoff zone, and also the fact that the weather did not cooperate. Finally, on night 4, we were able to get 2 great launches and capture the needed assets for the Burberry drone light show campaign.


Drone light shows, in optimal conditions, are not easy. But, when you add in a remote location, high altitude, and adverse weather and environmental factors, they can be downright difficult. It takes a great team of professionals, and the ability understand the technology inside and out if you need to adapt to the environment. Thankfully, the crew of professionals were fully capable of performing the task. The results speak for themselves, and we made some new friends in the area who were happy to have a free show right in their backyard. We also showed the world the capabilities of a Hire UAV Pro drone light show. We are ready to work for your drone light show vision, in any conditions.

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