3DR or DJI? Ask Bernie

3DR or DJI? Ask Bernie

Coming soon, we’ll be rolling out our videos from the 3DR X8 review, and after that the DJI s900. A lot of people ask us “which company is better”?

Before we ever attempt to answer a question that inevitably calls one company “inferior”, it is important to do a full review. Bernie Hoffman of Autonomous Avionics has been huge in helping us get a professional video presence in reviewing equipment. He’s able to take his years of computing and robotics experience and explain systems so that a new pilot can understand their relevance to flight.

So who is better, though? Well, long story short is it is way too early to tell. For what they do, they are both the best. One protects its code, sort of like Apple locking down its OS, while the other is open source, appealing to those Linux users out there.

And, more importantly, there are many drone manufacturers starting up right now for specific jobs that are extremely intellectually designed, but they are designed for specific purposes. We hear DJI and 3DR and think that those are the only manufacturers. But really, it’s only because this industry has only just begun, and they are, as of right now, the big names at the consumer level. Do you have a UAV you’d like reviewed? We are ready to review your equipment and help you sell it so that you, along with DJI and 3DR, can make an impact in this budding industry.

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