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FAA plans to watch Drones at U.S. Open

The drone company HeliVideo Productions from Tacoma, Washington will be taking their skills and equipment to one of the most well-known gatherings for golf in the entire world – The U.S. Open. And while the intent is to focus on the play from above, the FAA has plans to be watching from the ground below. […]

Where’s the money in the Drone Industry?

CNBC just wrote a fantastic article highlighting where the money is in the drone industry. As you would think, it’s progressed from simply companies that sell drones off the shelf, and moved much more into the drone service providers. Companies providing advanced data and systems to large companies are where the money is shifting. The […]

Sprite Drone on Kickstarter

Sprite offers a new kind of drone with a coaxial motor with retractable blades giving people the ability to “pack in” their drone, and use it almost entirely without an RC. Take a look at the campaign on Kickstarter and see for yourself the success of this new project: Introducing Sprite™ The world’s most portable […]

UAS Professionals Inc. announces Strategic Partnership with

Broomfield, CO: May 18, 2015 – UAS Professionals Inc. (UASPI) became the first company in Broomfield, Colorado to receive the elusive FAA 333 exemption waiver.  This approval from the Federal Aviation Administration grants UAS Professionals Inc. the privilege to legally conduct commercial UAV operations across the United States.  It is the first waiver granted in […]