California Drone light show launches Lucky Supermarkets

California Drone light show launches Lucky Supermarkets was contacted by Lucky Supermarkets, the popular grocery store brand known throughout California for being a fun, healthy marketplace, to create a California drone light show that would pair with the new branding of the store in Pleasanton, California. Our drone light show was sought after due to all of the California drone light shows that we do, so has become a well known California brand in the drone show space. 

Fireworks would normally be the entertainment of choice, however the Pleasanton and Dublin, California region is known for intense summer heat, drought, and fires. The neighborhood in Pleasanton is very conscious of this fact, as well as the city council, which was why a drone light show to replace fireworks required much less permitting and was received much better by the community. Drone shows will continue to be a great replacement for fireworks in areas where fire concerns are high.

The design of a show like the Lucky Supermarket drone show can be customized by the client. Our designers can assist with ideas for the drone show, as well as provide mock-ups in order to hone the creative vision. For the Lucky Supermarket drone show, we highlighted things specific to Colorado and the Lucky brand, such as the state of California, a grocery cart moving through the sky, an open sign, and several iterations of their logo. Our designs aren’t just static, either. They can be animated so that you can see in real-time the drones acting as light pixels, dancing across the sky. It creates a very alluring affect for anyone who is lucky enough to be watching the 10-12 minute long drone show.

We are excited at the future prospect of being the United States’ go to drone light show company for company branding and grand opening events. Stay tuned to if you are interested in seeing a drone light show in the future, or if you are interested in booking us for your town’s 4th of July drone light show, feel free to fill out our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you.

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