Red Carpet Drone on display at Golden Globes

Red Carpet Drone on display at Golden Globes

DJI Global was present at the Golden Globes last night in Hollywood, California, alongside the long list of famous Hollywood actors there with a chance to pickup some hardware.

It’s a sight that would be surprising, if not illegal, a short while ago, but appearances like this make it clear that drones are here to stay and certainly in Hollywood. Now, thanks to FAA exemptions for businesses, many of which listed on, such as Aerial Mob, and Pictorvision.

Not on that list of approved companies is DJI Global itself, but according to Techcrunch, they had a work around:

Apparently, DJI Global worked around the problem of not being “officially approved” by the FAA by offering its drone to the Golden Globes free of charge. A company representative responded to our inquiry about this, confirming that it had filmed at the Beverly Hilton early Saturday and on Sunday with permission from the hotel, adding:

“This is non-commercial work,” the company explained. “We are not being compensated to fly here.”

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