Nantucket Drone Light Show – First Ever

Nantucket Drone Light Show – First Ever

Hire UAV Pro had the immense pleasure of traveling to Nantucket Island for the first ever drone light show on the quiet island just off the coast of Massachusetts. The events was POPS 25th anniversary, celebrating the first major hospital on the island, and brought out a wide range of attendees. The event was also free for folks to attend, taking launch just off of Jetties’ Beach after dark on August 13th.

Careful, dedicated planning went into making this drone light show happen., with the support of the POPS crew, worked tirelessly to assure all of the details of ferrying over the drone equipment to Nantucket Island were handled. The result was a coordinated effort that made history. The first ever drone light show performance was a memorable one, and drew loud applause from a crowd of more than 15,000 people. In attendance were folks like the owner of the Boston Red Sox, as well as other important donors to the hospital.

The feedback from 150 drone light show was incredible. Many people were initially hesitant to endorse the drone light show, as in years past they had grown accustomed to fireworks displays. In recent years, Nantucket has been restrictive of fireworks shows due to the potential environmental disruptions caused. After the drone light show, we heard from many people that both loved the performance, and would prefer drone light shows over fireworks for the years to come.

Many locations we have performed in, from Los Angeles to Miami, have said the same thing. Drone light shows are no longer a secondary option for locations that cannot perform fireworks – they are quickly becoming the preferred form of entertainment. already has plans to return to the island, with expert knowledge of how best to complete a successful drone show on Nantucket. We look forward to working with all the great people there again in the near future!

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