Denver Aerial Photography: A Guide to finding the Right Drone Operator

Denver Aerial Photography: A Guide to finding the Right Drone Operator

Are you hoping to find the right drone operator for capturing aerial photography for your real estate listing? Or do you need an operator to film an event? This guide serves to help you know the crucial information to look for and ask for in the emerging drone market.

Denver, Colorado, just east of the foothills and gateway to the Rocky Mountains, is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. And to anyone who lives in Denver, that’s no mystery.

The skies above Denver show more color and vibrancy than any other major city in the United States. A late summer/early fall evening can boast abundant sunshine and blues one minute, transition to a downpour or lightning storm, give way to snow, and return to a pleasant day the following day.

The most abundant weather pattern in Denver, Colorado, much to the delight of aerial photographers and aerial video guys, is the abundant sunshine and blue sky. This makes production work in Denver at just about any time of year quite enjoyable. You will need to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays, with fewer distance to travel to the surface at 5,280 feet in Denver. You will need a lot of layers of clothing as well, as temperature swings are routinely 50-60 degrees in a matter of 12 hours.

Outside of the weather, here are some key criteria for looking for the right aerial photographer in Denver, Colorado:

  1. Remote Pilot’s License: This stands as a key anywhere, but it’s certainly an important thing for any operator to have in a major urban area like Denver. Within only 10-20 miles or so from the downtown of Denver are several Class D airports to go along with Denver International Airport. An operator with advance knowledge to ensure you won’t be hiring someone who is risking flying in that airspace, and to properly advise you of the legal ramifications of your location are a must have.
  2. Experience: This sounds like someone who has a lot of “hours” flying a drone, but that’s not the case. Experience means someone who has flown in tough environments while on a project. This does not mean a hobbyist who has flown at the park every weekend, capturing his dog running across the field or his friend driving donuts in his car. No, those are instincts that are best left no where near any professional aerial photography or video scene. Experience relating to someone who has worked in a location and done consistently quality and safe work is also a must have.
  3. The Right Attitude: Similar to the risk-taking attitude statement above, having the right attitude is a very important attribute. A drone operator that does not take direction well, or that does not communicate well with the other people on a shoot is not someone you want to work with. This can often times ruin the execution of shoots leading to poor results. Or, it can cause tension between a director and a drone pilot. The right attitude is someone who is intently listening, providing professional feedback, and is very clear with the safety limitations of his or her drone.
  4. Local Knowledge: Local knowledge is why exists in the first place. So many times we’ve heard from production coordinators that have brought drone operators with them and have then had an issue with a certain location, or in finding the right location at all. Local knowledge to Denver and Colorado means that the efficiency with which you work is greatly increased. No extra time is needed to scout when landing, and permits and waivers can be taken care of in advance, utilizing sometimes existing waivers.

Remember, does not charge you a dollar to speak with us, get recommendations on the right drone operator for you, and in any location in the world. If you’re looking to hire a drone photographer in Denver, Colorado, get in touch with us and we will get you started.

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