BioCarbon, NASA Engineer, and Drone Tech reversing Deforestation

BioCarbon, NASA Engineer, and Drone Tech reversing Deforestation

BioCarbon Engineering isn’t your typical engineering company. BioCarbon has put drones at the forefront of their mission to reforest the deforested world, one tree at a time.

Many environmental tragedies, unfortunately, have their “hay day” of awareness. For a time, the world was enamored with the disappearance of the Panda Bear, then the Whales, then Gorillas, the Amazon rainforest, and on and on. That isn’t to say any of these problems have gotten much better, and in the case of deforestation, globally the problem has gotten to a new critical level.

BioCarbon cites the disappearance of 26 billion trees annually, with only 15 billion replanted. That doesn’t factor in, of course, the fact that in rainforests entire areas are cleared destroying biodiversity and perhaps many species that we never even came to know.

Nevertheless, BioCarbon that something must be done to meet and exceed the number of trees the planet is losing. They employ drones to replant trees, greatly increasing the speed at which they can replant.

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