Hire UAV Pro Video Series

Hireuavpro.com works with Ideascape Media to produce quality video content for the UAV industry. We want to show you that it is fun and exciting to get into this industry, but that there are unwritten industry practices that need to become clear and written so that people that fly UAVs will be able to have successful businesses that will not legally infringe upon the general public. Stay tuned as more episodes get added weekly!

Residential and Commercial Development Using Drones and 3D Animation

This is cutting edge, combining numerous software platforms with proprietary drone footage. Only hireuavpro.com knows how to quickly produce this video content for its clients. Find out about packages that can do this for you, no matter what the application.

Episode 1: Introduction to drones (UAVs) at Autonomous Avionics

Bernie Hoffman at Autonomous Avionics has agreed to letting us showcase his shop and the varieties of drones starting from beginner all the way up to the professional level. He walks us through some of the options that you can buy and get filming and flying with right away.

Episode 2: Introduction to Batteries for your UAV or Drone

You won’t be able to get your drone in the air and keep it in the air without a battery, and there’s a lot to know about how to power your drone. Some basic knowledge can go a long way in determining the type of battery that makes the most sense for your drone.

Episode 3 – Part 1: The DJI Phantom drone Overview – Setup

The DJI Phantom is simply the easiest way to get a drone with an HD camera in the air while having full flight controls and safety features. Bernie talks through the Phantom setup from right out of the box.

Episode 3 – Part 2: The DJI Phantom drone Overview – Flight Controls

We talk through the DJI Phantom further, talking about its flight controls and showing the various buttons on the R/C that you need to know for safe piloting.

Episode 3 – Part 3: The DJI Phantom drone Overview – Flight Test

We take the DJI Phantom to a field for some real flight testing. The Phantom had a rock solid hold to its GPS point and performed quite well with about 20 minutes of flight time with the phantom battery.

Episode 4 – An Overview of the 3D Robotics, Inc. X8 Drone

3D Robotics, inc., like DJI, specializes in high-quality drones that come ready to fly right out of the box. The X8 represents a more powerful option with redundancy in its 8 props. We talk through the various features.

Episode 4 – An Overview of the 3D Robotics, inc. X8 Drone part 2 with Flight Test

Expanding upon the first video, we take it further and talk about the X8, then take it out to a nice ridgeline in Colorado for a flight test. You can see how rock solid and stable the flight is with the Tarot 2D gimbal and Go Pro footage.